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Become a Gas Engineer: Gas Courses Across the UK

We offer a range of gas training courses for beginners and experienced engineers alike. Choose a course to learn more:

What You'll Get from Our Gas Courses

With the current skill shortage in the UK combined with a lack of available apprenticeship placements there is a very real shortage of qualified gas engineers in this country right now. By becoming a fully-qualified gas engineer with the Plumbing Academy, you will be able to join a challenging, exciting and rewarding profession with a real sense of job security. From our fully-equipped gas training facilities, which are located throughout England and Wales, you’ll work towards achieving the industry-recognised qualifications needed to succeed.

If you complete one of our gas courses, you won’t just be gaining a skill for life – you’ll be able to set up your own business and work the hours you want to work. A college gas training course can take up to two years to complete, but at the Plumbing Academy, we aim to get you qualified in a far shorter timeframe.

No matter where you’re based, we can provide a gas training solution that suits you. Call 0800 345 7492 today to speak with a member of our team, or enquire online now!

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Whichever direction you choose to pursue, you will realise that the gas trade is both vast and varied, with opportunities for a number of different business models and operations within which a qualified gas engineer can really excel. Contact us today to find out more about our accredited gas courses.
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