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Underfloor Heating Training in England & Wales

Underfloor Heating Course Overview

With both the importance and popularity of renewable energy sources on the rise, now is the perfect time to become trained in a form of renewable energy heating installation. By doing so, you’ll set yourself ahead of others – able to take on a wider variety of work in a market that is constantly growing in demand.

The Plumbing Academy’s Underfloor Heating Design & Installation course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skill set required to correctly install warm water underfloor heating systems. It has been developed in association with the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers’ Association, which is a sure sign that this training will give you a full understanding of the benefits and technicalities of underfloor heating.

Course Details

You’ll be taught everything you need to know about the design and installation of underfloor heating systems through both practical and theoretical work. The underfloor heating course covers all the topics included in the training manual, which are as follows;
  • Introduction to Warm Water Underfloor Heating
  • About Underfloor Heating
  • Floor Systems and Finishes
  • Underfloor Heating System Components
  • Installation Requirements
  • Post Installation
Following completion of the Underfloor heating training course you will be assessed in a number of different ways including practical tasks, a design scenario task and a multiple choice exam.

Who Should Apply?

As this Underfloor heating course requires you to have a working knowledge of the design of traditional wet central heating systems, it is aimed at those who have a number of years’ experience in plumbing or conventional heating engineering.

If you would like to learn more about our underfloor heating courses, or the locations to which we can cater, please contact the Plumbing Academy today.