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Rainwater Harvesting Training

Course Overview

The UK is increasingly turning toward rainwater harvesting for a portion of its water supply, and by training at the Plumbing Academy you can get ahead in the renewables trade by learning this valuable installation skill. The objective of this 2-day Rainwater Harvesting Training Course is to train existing plumbers to properly design, install and maintain rainwater harvesting systems.

Harvested rainwater can be used for a variety of different purposes such as flushing the toilet, washing clothes, cleaning cars and watering the garden. With additional treatment it can even be used for washing dishes, showers, baths, and even drinking. Owning an independent store of rainwater separate from the household supply also means watering your garden is also possible when a hosepipe ban is in effect.

It is because of these advantages that many customers are turning to rainwater harvesting. By completing your installation training with us, you’ll not only open yourself to a whole new area of work but also feel an added sense of satisfaction from doing your part to help the environment.

Course Details

The Rainwater Harvesting Training Course will introduce you to the different types of rainwater harvesting and point-of-use systems that you may encounter, with emphasis placed on the most common system configurations. The information required by qualified building services engineers or plumbers to install rainwater harvesting systems is also included, as well as all legal and safety issues.

Other aspects included on the course include:
  • Selection of the most appropriate Rainwater Harvesting System for the building based on consultation with the client about their needs and demands.
  • Installation of any of the common types of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the UK in a safe and workmanlike manner.
  • Maintenance and servicing of the common types of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the UK.

Who Should Apply?

This course is designed and aimed for people with an interest in the building services sector, plumbers or people who wish to design, install and maintain rainwater harvesting systems. There are no official requirements as such, but existing knowledge in these fields may help you to get the most out of this course, but this is not essential.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Plumbing Academy or arrange to visit one of our training facilities in England or Wales. You’ll be able to have a tour of the centre, meet the training staff and have any queries answered personally.