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Domestic Electrical Installation Qualifications for Experienced Installers


This course is designed to give electrician qualifications, or more specifically domestic electrical installation qualifications to those already experienced with electrical principles and procedures. The course is delivered in such a way as to give the greatest possible amount and information in the shortest possible time without going over the basic principles delivered during other electrician qualifications.

The electrician’s course does not only give you part of the Part P qualification or “defined scope” as other have described it. We do not believe in giving our clients half measures or ‘part’ electrician qualifications. In our opinion you will need the full the qualification to be able to carry out electrical work correctly.

So if you already have some experience and want to become a competent Domestic Electrical Installer then call us today for further information. However if you have little or no experience of electrics then we would recommend you look at the Domestic Electrical Installation Course or call us for advice.

Domestic Electrical Course Details

The electrical course consists of the Part P qualification and the City & Guilds 17th Edition. You will be taught and assessed on all module within the Part P program throughout the first week and then move onto the 17th Edition wiring regulations for the remaining days of the course the following week.

All equipment and tools are provided for use during the course, including all books and examination fees.

Topics that are covered on this course include;
  • Ring Main circuits
  • Basic and 2 way lighting circuits
  • Radial power circuits
  • Earth bonding procedures
  • Calculating cable sizes and load demands
  • Health and Safety
  • Electrical regulations
  • Three phase systems and safe isolation procedures
The electrician qualifications themselves are:

Part P Domestic Installer

This is an intensive week which will cover all the examinations and assessments required to prove your knowledge and competency in completing a domestic installation work in accordance with Building regulations Part P.

City & Guilds 2382-10 17th Edition Wiring Regulations

The qualification represents your understanding of the current wiring regulations and takes you through the different elements that must be understood. You will then undertake a test at the end of the course that proves your understanding of these regulations. The 17th Edition qualification is regarded by the industry as must have and is widely recognised. In fact it is probably the most recognised of all the electrician qualifications available, proving that you understand how the principles are to be applied during any electrical work.

Who should apply to gain these electrician qualifications?

This electrical course is specifically designed for those with a prior knowledge of electrical installation and with using an electrical test meter. The course does not teach you how to use the electrical meter or the electrical principles involved in an installation. However it does take you through using the meter efficiently and effectively and what you must do during a domestic installation. For instance the course is not suitable for some who has studied electrical engineering at college (other electrician qualifications may cover what is required) as they almost certainly have been previously exposed to used an electrical test meter.

If you are still not sure about our electrical installation course, why not contact us and arrange to visit your nearest Plumbing Academy? Our facilities can be accessed from almost anywhere in the southern part of the UK, including London, Cardiff, Bristol, Essex, Cornwall, Kent and more. We would be happy to give you a tour of our facilities and discuss in greater detail the qualifications we can help you achieve.