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City & Guilds Inspection & Testing Course

2395 Course Overview

The Plumbing Academy is pleased to offer the City & Guilds 2395 Electrical Inspection & Testing course, one of the highest qualifications achievable for an electrician. This intensive electrician course allows experienced electrical professionals to go on to properly inspect and test electrical installations, as well as many other career boosting prospects such as issuing Landlord Certificates and attaining managerial and supervisory positions.

The Plumbing Academy owns several training centres in Southern England and South Wales, which means that we are easily accessible from London, Cardiff, Bristol, the South West, and the Home Counties. Contact us for details on your nearest Academy.

2395 Course Details

Our experienced teaching staff will fully prepare you for assessment with thorough and intensive tutoring. The inspection and testing course outline includes the following topics;
  • Electrical Installation testing requirements (statutory & non-statutory)
  • Knowing the dangers involved and ensuring safety
  • Suitable Test Equipment
  • Testing sequences
  • Interpreting and evaluating results
  • Initial Verification of installations
  • Completing periodic inspection reports
Guidance from tutors will be available even when you are off-centre as you prepare for assessment. This comes in the form of a 3-hour practical assessment and a written exam lasting an hour and a half. We maintain an exceptionally high rate on all our courses, and this is no exception despite the difficulty.

Who Should Apply?

As a Level 3 qualification, the course assumes the candidates already have a level of experience in electrical installation. You will also need experience of electrical installation and of carrying out periodic inspection reports (PIRs). The qualification is notoriously difficult for inexperienced candidates to achieve, therefore if you feel you need foundation level education in Inspection & Testing we also offer the Level 2 2392 course.

If you are unsure whether this is the right electrician course for you, please contact the Plumbing Academy and we’ll discuss your needs and recommend you the most suitable course.