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About The Plumbing Academy

Since 2005, The Plumbing Academy has been successfully delivering City and Guilds accredited plumbing, electrical and gas courses for a wide range of people from different backgrounds. This includes both existing tradespeople requiring new qualifications in their industry, and people looking for a complete career change.

Plumbing Courses, Electrical Course and Gas Courses

The Academy delivers a comprehensive selection of plumbing, electric, gas and renewable energy courses in its state-of-the-art training centres, which are easily accessible from London, South Wales, the South West, and the Home Counties.

With a noticeable skills shortage in the UK today, the region’s demand for electrical, plumbing and gas installation and maintenance is constantly growing – particularly in the area of energy efficient products. Our state-of-the-art centre has the capacity to train up to thousands candidates each year, preparing you for a successful and happy career in your chosen trade.

With fuel prices and utility bills continuing to rise, alternative sources of energy are becoming ever more important. This increase in the use of renewable energy, coupled with new Government incentives, is proving to be a growing opportunity and source of income for multiple trades. Therefore The Plumbing Academy is pleased to offer you a variety of renewable energy courses to help get you a head start in this new and exciting industry.

Green Energy Courses

We offer courses in Solar, Ground & Air Source Heat Pump, Rainwater Harvesting, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Awareness, plus design and installation of Under-Floor Heating. Each course gives you the skills in a different renewable energy source that you will then be able to use to your advantage. Did you know that ground heat pumps make use of the latent heat stored under the ground? Or that rainwater harvesting is not only a source for your garden during a hosepipe ban, but also can be used as washing or drinking water if properly treated?

With purpose built workshops, the Renewable Energy short courses are preparing domestic plumbers and gas engineers for the future. Renewable Energy is no longer the idea of a space age home; it is a modern and effective way to combat growing energy bills.

Courses can be taken individually or as part of a package, and Gas Safe engineers can combine Renewable Energy training with their ACS assessments for CCN1, (CENWAT) CEN1, CPA1 and individual appliances.